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In April 2008 Russell Cycle Products purchased our own foam processing machine. We named it "The Foaminator".
The unit was custom built for us...Learn More>>

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What Our Customers Say:
"Just e-mailing you to let you know how much we are enjoying our seat, it sure has made a big differerence in our riding comfort. We wish we would have done it ten years ago. The wife and I both love it!"
James & Carolyn Peacock

"After 1200+ miles on my 1200RT I can say this saddle is without question the best farkle I have ever spent my hard earned $$ on. Thank you so much for rescuing my backside. I have owned Corbin, Sargent and Mustang, all good seats but really there is no contest."
Linc Gurley

"Having researched at length the "custom" motorcycle seat market, I had high expectations when I recently ordered my Russell Day-Long saddle. I am pleased to report that your saddle has exceeded my expectations! At 6'5" and 270 pounds, motorcycle seats have always been the weakest link in my attempts as comfort; however the fit, comfort, and quality of your-my Day-Long is superb!"
Phil "SickDog" Mowers

Read More Testimonials>>

Ordering Tips & Information

Below are some helpful Tips to help make your order as easy as possible. If you need further assistance, please contact us and we will be glad to help.

The photographs are essential because they show us your build and posture. We can see your normal riding position, and determine how to position your saddle for a proper fit. It is critical that you are in the exact position where you want the pocket placed. pay attention to where you are sitting while riding. Many people move to a different position for still pictures verses a moving position. If you request a major move from your original position, it will be considered a modification and you will be charged. Please do not wear dark clothing, as it hides ergonomic details of your riding position.

You must take photographs on the seat that you are having your Day-Long built on.

Every order requires at least a photo of the driver on the bike and for Dual Saddles you will need an additional photo of both driver and passenger. Look at these drawings as examples of proper photographs. No more than the area between the handlebars, footpegs and backrests should appear in the picture, as in the drawings below.Seat Position

Follow these tips:

  • If someone is available to balance the bike, fine. Otherwise use the centerstand.
  • Remove heavy clothing and sheep skins.
  • Do not "pose", we want to see your normal riding position.
  • Get close up shots, straight from the side.
  • Use plenty of light so we can clearly see the features of the motorcycle.
  • Nothing fancy, Polaroid's are fine.
  • You can email photos to:
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Heavy-Duty Suspension
In most cases adequate outer buttock support is provided in the standard system for the driver and proper combination of foam densities for the passenger. But for drivers weighing 230 lbs or more and passengers weighing 150lbs or more, the Heavy Duty Suspension is required for adequate support. $45.00 per saddle.

  1. Include the additional charge for each Heavy-Duty Suspension that applies in your order form.

  2. If Heavy-Duty Suspension clearly does not apply, do not include it in your order. Like overload springs on a truck, it will result in too stiff a ride if the weight is not there to make it flex.
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Production Scheduling
We accept orders as received, first come, first served. Only written orders are accepted, and they must be complete in all respects. Credit card orders are accepted by fax, provided the required photographs follow immediately by mail. Once an order is accepted it is assigned the next open date on our production schedule.

Two to Three Weeks after the assigned production date are required for completing an order under normal circumstances. Because there are so many variables involved, no promise or commitment can be made regarding shipping or delivery dates.

Our back-log can be several weeks just before and during the riding season. Please order early, and allow ample time for production and shipping.

If you're having a Saddle built on your seat pan you may want to delay sending us your seat until just before your assigned production date. If so, submit your otherwise complete order and check the box near the bottom of the front page of the ORDER FORM to be notified of the assigned date. No notification will be made unless this box is checked, and your seat must arrive at our shop before the assigned date or your place on the production schedule will be lost.

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Shipping Information
All shipments are F.O.B. Shasta Lake City, California. Please include the applicable shipping & handling charge in your total order. See Shipping>>

Shipments to APO numbers, foreign countries, including Canadian Provinces of Yukon and Northwest Territories, and other locations not served by UPS Ground Service will require special arrangements which must be made in advance. Please call or write for further information.

International customs procedures, taxes, duties and broker's charges are your responsibility.

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One-Day Ride-In Service
Bring yourselves and your motorcycle to our shop, and we'll build and install your "Day-Long" Saddle all in one day. This arrangement is strictly by appointment, and there is an extra charge (see Prices). This process allows you to test sit the seat for comfort and make adjustments as needed before the seat goes to the covering department. Appointments are accepted for Tuesday through Friday only.

The openings are limited and fill up quickly in the spring and summer months, so please call early if you want an appointment. Campgrounds and motels are available close by. We are located at 800 feet, so winter weather is not a factor.

If you are planning for a Ride-In Service option, please download and read our instructions (PDF), to help prepare you for the service and to facilitate your seat order. Download Instructions>>

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Business Hours
We are open to the public from 8:00AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

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