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In April 2008 Russell Cycle Products purchased our own foam processing machine. We named it "The Foaminator".
The unit was custom built for us...Learn More>>

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What Our Customers Say:
"Just e-mailing you to let you know how much we are enjoying our seat, it sure has made a big differerence in our riding comfort. We wish we would have done it ten years ago. The wife and I both love it!"
James & Carolyn Peacock

"After 1200+ miles on my 1200RT I can say this saddle is without question the best farkle I have ever spent my hard earned $$ on. Thank you so much for rescuing my backside. I have owned Corbin, Sargent and Mustang, all good seats but really there is no contest."
Linc Gurley

"Having researched at length the "custom" motorcycle seat market, I had high expectations when I recently ordered my Russell Day-Long saddle. I am pleased to report that your saddle has exceeded my expectations! At 6'5" and 270 pounds, motorcycle seats have always been the weakest link in my attempts as comfort; however the fit, comfort, and quality of your-my Day-Long is superb!"
Phil "SickDog" Mowers

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Warranty & General Information

Any Custom fitted "Day-Long" Saddle found not to provide satisfactory comfort after the break-in period may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price provided Russell Cycle Products is notified within a 8 month period and allowed at least two chance's to adjust the seat for any condition Russell Cycle Products deems correctable within the 8 month period.

Our buy back guarantee is for stock OEM pans only. After market seats, seats sent without foam or seats that are altered from stock, are not included in the Buy-Back portion of the warranty. All seat shipments must include stock foam or additional charges will apply!

There will be a 35% restock charge if you apply for a refund without fulfilling the 2 adjustment requirements stated on your warranty. A 22% restock charge will apply if only 1 adjustment is completed.

If proper pictures and information were not submitted with original order then your buy-back warranty will be voided. Pictures submitted must be on the seat shipped for your build. Shipping charges are not refundable.

The buy-back portion of the warranty does not include "ground-reach" issues. We are very upfront about the fact that our seat will raise your ground-reach by 1 1/2" to 2".

Materials and Workmanship are guaranteed for 18 months from purchase. Any failure, except upon our finding of damage due to accident, neglect or abuse, will be repaired or replaced free of charge upon return to Russell Cycle Products. If you remove your cover or tamper with your Saddle, your warranty will be voided.

What constitutes an adjustment or a modification:
A comfort adjustment is any change Russell Cycle Products implements to prevent a slide forward situation, relieve uncomfortable pressure or widen or modify pocket. Or a slight adjustment in forward or aft position. (no more than 1" in either direction).

A ground reach adjustment is a change to the nose or wings of the seat to get your feet/heel closer to the ground. This adjustment can and will affect the comfort of your seat and may void your buy-back portion of your warranty.

A modification is any major change that you may request that constitutes a cover change or replacement.Or any modification that was not originally requested on your order form, or any requests that do not fall within our normal building parameters. These changes are not considered a warranty item and will be charged for accordingly. They may also void your buy-back portion of your warranty.

Your seating position:
Your seating position pictures that are required with your order are a very important aspect of your seat build. It is critical that you are in the exact position where you want the pocket placed. Pay attention to where you are sitting while riding. Many people move to a different position for still pictures verses a moving position. These pictures are what the builders use for your saddle placement and to place you in the best ergonomic position.If you request a major move from your original position it will be considered a modification and you will be charged.

Any adjustments or modifications must be scheduled as stated on your warranty papers. The break-in period is critical. There are spring tensioners that will loosen slightly along with foam resiliency. If you ship your seat for an adjustment without prior notification you will not have a priority position and we can not guarantee a return time. We generally will want to get some pictures of you on your Day-Long Saddle for any adjustments. It will be necessary for you to call and talk to your builder before shipping. Your builder will notify you of the pictures he will require.

Russell Cycle Products policy on adjustments is as follows; It is the customers responsibility to ship the seat to our factory after you have been scheduled. Russell Cycle Products will preform the adjustment and pay for return shipping.

The Day-Long Suspension Saddle is designed in a way to provide total support. A slight adjustment in the way you stop is required. On some models you will need to shift forward out of the pocket to get your feet down. This is a slight adjustment that once implemented will become second nature and before long will be automatic for you. If you are having difficulty reaching the ground on your stock seat, we will not be able to lower you. The Day-Long Saddle will raise you up and may not be the correct style seat for you. We can manufacture a Day-Long Sport Saddle for customers with this problem. It will not provide the same comfort as the suspension saddle, but will be a great improvement over the stock seat.