Ordering Tips & Information

Heavy-Duty Suspension

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  1. Include the additional charge for each Heavy-Duty Suspension that applies in your order form.
  2. If Heavy-Duty Suspension clearly does not apply, do not include it in your order. Like overload springs on a truck, it will result in too stiff a ride if the weight is not there to make it flex.

Shipping Information

  • Estimated Ground Shipping Cost

    A – $45
    B – $55
    C – $70
    D – $80

    $1.05 per $100 for Insurance

  • Shipping

One-Day Ride-In Service

Bring yourselves and your motorcycle to our shop, and we’ll build and install your “Day-Long” Motorcycle Saddle all in one day. This arrangement is strictly by appointment, and there is an extra charge Prices. This process allows you to test sit the seat for comfort and make adjustments as needed before the seat goes to the covering department. Appointments are accepted for Tuesday through Friday only.

The openings are limited and fill up quickly in the spring and summer months, so please call early if you want an appointment. Campgrounds and motels are available close by. We are located at 800 feet, so winter weather is not a factor.

If you are planning for a Ride-In Service option, please download and read our instructions (PDF), to help prepare you for the service and to facilitate your seat order. come ritirare soldi iqoption Download Instructions>>

Business Hours

We are open to the public from 8:00AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.